Community Care: Principles and Techniques for De-Escalation

In this presentation, you will learn the psychology of conflict and escalation as well as some of the fundamental principles of de-escalation. You will also learn a practical step-by-step process to de-escalate situations with community members and customers. Additionally, there will be time for discussion and Q&A.

Jeremy Pollack, Ph.D. is a social psychologist and a leader in the field of workplace conflict resolution and peacebuilding. He is the Founder of Pollack Peacebuilding Systems, the largest workplace conflict resolution consulting firm in North America. Jeremy is a master coach, master trainer, mediator, and author. He coaches and trains executives and employees at a variety of levels and industries, from Fortune 500 companies to major non-profits. Jeremy has mediated conflicts between business partners, co-executives, and coworkers at all levels of organizations, aiming as often as possible to transform relationships and create Win-Win resolutions for all parties involved.

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