Communicating Through Chaos - Tom DeLapp, APR

Giving parents a greater voice in school policies is emerging as a central hot button political issue in the 2022 campaign season. It is a rallying cry and a catalyst for mobilizing voters and activists to “take over” locally elected seats on school boards, city councils, and county boards of supervisors. For two years, public schools have been trying to navigate through a “Perfect Storm” of controversies, catastrophes, challenges, and critical situations. Public schools have become the political battleground for an increasingly uncivil debate in a new “culture war” sweeping the country. In this session, veteran communicator Tom DeLapp will share his views about where we are and where we are headed when it comes to public engagement in education. He will also lead a collaborative discussion about practices, pitfalls, and possibilities for isolating and containing the negativity virus in our schools.

Since 1996 when he founded his consulting practice, Tom has served as communications counsel for over 500 school districts in California. He has conducted over 700 workshops across the country, training nearly 300,000 educators on effective communication, community engagement, crisis management, and media relations.

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