How Our Stories Get Us Through Life Storms - Angela Cain

As a TV news anchor/reporter for nearly 30 years, Angela Cain has written thousands of stories, including reporting on national and local crises and people’s personal crises. She will share some of their stories and the insight she has gained from watching people rise when the storms of life can overwhelm them. And she will share some of her own personal journey of purpose that both guided and carried her through life and career transitions.

Angela is a multiple Emmy award-winning former television news anchor/reporter and, today, an entrepreneur and professional coach. In 2016, she launched Angela Cain Communications, a PR/Media Relations, communications, and brand storytelling agency. She focuses on purpose-driven businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals and specializes in creating compelling content through videos, blogs, podcasts, commercials, and internal and external communications to build a business’s brand, customers, and revenue.