• Trust and credibility are built by ongoing communications.

    In today’s challenging times, communicating with parents and our communities is more important than ever. INDSPRA can help your district make sense of the strategies and tactics necessary to communicate effectively.

    INDSPRA, the Indiana Chapter of the National School Public Relations Association, is a dedicated group of school public professionals who are ready to assist your school corporation with your communication needs.
    Our members are media tested, have been through the public referendum process, and know-how to plan communication programs tailored to meet specific communication needs. With an INDSPRA membership, your school corporation can benefit from their experience and expertise.
    • Receive up to two hours of consultation with an experienced communications professional in the areas of media relations, referenda, social media, community outreach, and more.

    • Join the INDSPRA private Facebook group to share ideas, questions, and resources with experts in the field across Indiana.

    • Access resources on the INDSPRA website for professional development opportunities, including national monthly webinars, bi-monthly wellness virtual meetings, and an annual, full-day Bootcamp for beginners and veterans at the member rate.

    • Participate in the INDSPRA annual state conference at the member rate. Learn from experts in school marketing who will provide guidance and tools for school districts throughout Indiana to market their schools in the midst of an increasingly competitive time in educational history.

    • Gain professional input when questions arise with access to any INDSPRA member through the online directory. (A guide is being developed that will include specific areas of expertise for INDSPRA members.)

    • An opportunity to network with nearby peers through one of INDSPRA’s 10 designated regions.

    Join now or renew your INDSPRA membership and start improving communications within your school and community.

    MEMBERSHIP DUES (Effective Sept. 1, 2022)

    • Institutional Membership (up to 3 people): $175 Available to any organization with employees who hold a professional position in educational public relations, communication, or marketing. Institutional membership shall provide membership for up to three employees of an organization. Institutional members shall have the right to vote and may serve on the Executive Board.
    • Professional Membership: $100 - May be held by anyone who is employed or contracted in education whose job responsibilities involve communication, promotion and/or its support, including, but not limited to public relations professionals, administrators, board members, educators, school support staff and consultants. Professional members in good standing have voting rights and may serve on the Executive Board.
    • Retired/College Membership: $75 - Retired membership is available to anyone who has been an active member of INDSPRA for at least five years and who is no longer providing public relations services to schools. Retired members cannot vote and may not serve on the Executive Board, but may participate in any committee and all Chapter offerings.